Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm tryin ti start a blog, bit I'm completely lost in aa this new wye o wirkin. I've been writin in doric for a few years noo an it's beginnin ti feel a bit like spickin, bit aa this internet bisiness can still maak mi feel a bittie feart. It's a queer thing ti be usin this technology ti write in fit is a wye o spickin withoot a standardized spellin. This wis fit we were telt wis slang an wrang fan we were at the school.
Fan I wis settin this blog up, een o the questions wis did i wint ti use a language ither than english? an i winted ti say 'aye', an I thocht doric micht present some problems for the system!
this is a start, an we'll see foo it goes.


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